Residential area in Wolverhampton

Dangerous highway flooding resolved by Hydrorock




Wolverhampton Council


Mitigation of highway flooding

Products used

BD Blocks used for infiltration

Total volume


Hydrorock was recently engaged by Wolverhampton Council to retrofit three sites and resolve highway flooding in these areas.

Site issues and requirements

Flooding at these sites was making travel along the roads dangerous, interfering with traffic and pedestrian journeys as well as flooding the driveways and gardens of nearby residents. Therefore, an effective and fast solution was required.

Hydrorock’s natural aquifer blocks were selected for these projects due to their ability to be installed quickly and easily whilst providing an efficient, cost-effective and modular solution.

The Hydrorock solution

Wolverhampton Council required a sustainable solution that would manage flooding at the source and maintain the safety of the road during bad weather. The Hydrorock system was installed in three locations to ensure maximum flood mitigation in this area.

System design

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