Conservation and water management

Drought, heatwaves, heavy rainfall and floods occur more often and have a huge impact on rural areas. Despite increasing and often abundant rain, the last 50 years have seen the groundwater level fall from several decimetres to just one metre in some places. This soil dehydration puts areas of natural beauty at risk. Agriculture is also affected by climate change and low groundwater levels. What’s more, the quality of available water is steadily decreasing.

Why use Hydrorock® for conservation and agriculture?

Do you want to prevent flooding and soil dehydration? Good use and maintenance of clean rainwater is the obvious answer. Hydrorock International’s mission is to contribute to this. We offer underground, ecologically responsible solutions for buffering, infiltration and drainage of rainwater. Offering excellent value for money, Hydrorock® products are ideal for sustainable water management and sustainable use of soil functions.

<li>Extensive options for rainwater drainage and infiltration.</li>
<li>An ecologically responsible solution for buffering rainwater.</li>
<li>Prevents dehydration in conservation areas.</li>
<li>Creates extra water storage during extreme rainfall and drought.</li>
Hydrorock® blocks are made from a 100% natural material and remain underground for decades in an optimum condition. This unique stone wool product withstands erosion from plant and tree roots. It is strong and hard to damage. Influx of soil is impossible and therefore, Hydrorock®’s buffering, infiltration and drainage capacity stays intact for years.
<li>Improved soil ecology: everything grows and blooms better with Hydrorock®.</li>
<li>A good local water balance and cleaner ‘nourishment’ of groundwater.</li>
<li>More varied and sustainable land habitats.</li>

Issues in conservation and agriculture

The soil in many rural areas has a layer of clay or loam. As a result, water from excessive rainfall cannot easily penetrate the soil. This leads to flooding and plant damage that can only be solved by sustainable drainage. At the same time, during dry periods more water is needed for spraying and irrigation of plants. Due to urbanization, drinking water collection and agriculture, groundwater levels are falling and there is less and less water available. This has serious consequences for the water-dependent nature. Often in sandy soil, dehydration is disastrous for plants and wildlife. That’s why maintenance and increase of water levels is often part of conservation projects.

Hydrorock®, the innovative solution

Environmentally friendly buffering, infiltration and drainage
For years, stone wool has been used as a sustainable substrate solution in horticulture and plant cultivation. An example is the cultivation of tomatoes and roses where minimum resources are used for maximum results. Now there’s a new stone wool application: Hydrorock® – the green label in water management.

Hydrorock® contributes to the management of water quality and quantity in an ecological way. Environmentally friendly Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are wrapped in a filter cloth membrane. They buffer, infiltrate and drain surface and rainwater. The buffer function prevents dehydration and the groundwater is supplemented. With horizontal installation, the blocks’ fibre structure provides drainage. Vertical installation promotes gradual infiltration. A covering layer of 20 to 30 cm of Hydrosoil® improves the function of the infiltration blocks which are available in various sizes with buffering capacities from 34 to 340 litres per block.


  • Flood and dehydration prevention in rural areas.
  • Creation of water storage to cope with extreme rainfall and drought.
  • Supplementation of groundwater in a natural way.
  • Improved ecology: everything grows and blooms better with Hydrorock.
  • Flood prevention on paved surfaces like heavily used foot and bicycle paths.
  • Creation of a good local water balance and cleaner ‘nourishment’ of groundwater.

Flood prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are suited for buffering, drainage and infiltration of excess rainwater in both rural and urban areas. As a result, precious water is preserved for soil applications and drinking water.

Dehydration prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are ideal in dry areas where water is scarce or expensive and it’s important for plant growth if the soil is kept hydrated for longer in a measured way.

Optimize with Hydrosoil®
Hydrorock® functions best with a covering layer of Hydrosoil®. This mixture of sand and stone wool fibres increases the buffering capacity and improves the porousness of the upper layer. As a result, Hydrorock® infiltration blocks work even faster and for longer.

A list of Hydrorock® benefits

  • A fast and simple solution to flooding.
  • Prevents soil dehydration.
  • Stone wool is a 100% recyclable material (basalt).
  • Absorption and discharge capacity of 94% of its volume.
  • Limited excavation needed.
  • Easy installation.
  • No slope needed for correct drainage.
  • Withstands erosion from plant and tree roots.
  • Plants and wildlife thrive with Hydrorock®.
  • The green alternative to plastic infiltration crates.
  • Hydrosoil® for optimum porousness.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

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