Product sheets

Type D Rainwater drainage & buffering
Type D-HD Rainwater drainage & buffering in High Density
Type BD Rainwater separation & infiltration
Type BD-HD Rainwater separation & infiltration – High Density
Type D34 Rainwater lineair drainage
Type IP15 RVS Infiltration drain with built in buffer


Rainwater separation and infiltration system
Hydrorock corporate brochure
Brochure for Public space
Brochure for Conservation and agriculture
Brochure for House and garden
Brochure for Golf courses


Hydrorock comparison infiltration crates – 1500 liter
Hydrorock comparison infiltration crates – 5300 liter

Product Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet Hydrorock 2019 English
Product Performance Declaration – Hydrorock Products

Design Warranty and Maintenance

Design Warranty and Maintenance


Corporate Presentation

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