Consumer market and water management

Climate change is causing more rainfall and heavier rainfall resulting in regularly flooded streets and cellars. Trees and plants are also affected. Due to house construction and road building, it’s less easy for rainwater to penetrate the soil. This precious water disappears into the sewers causing the soil to dry out in some cases. Government authorities are looking for sustainable solutions that can restore the natural function of the soil: local retention, separation and infiltration of water and improvement of groundwater quality. Project developers, contractors, landscape architects, horticulturists and consumers are all affected.

Why use Hydrorock® in house building and commercial construction?

Hydrorock International’s mission is to make a sustainable contribution to the maintenance and use of clean rainwater in soil applications. We focus on preventing flooding and soil dehydration by offering underground, ecologically responsible solutions for buffering, infiltration and drainage of rainwater. As a result, Hydrorock International contributes to the sustainable use of soil functions.


  • Extensive options for rainwater drainage and infiltration.
  • An ecologically responsible solution for buffering rainwater
  • Efficient and effective separation of rainwater discharges.
  • Extra water storage during extreme rainfall and drought.
  • Space savings through underground installation.


Hydrorock® is a 100% natural material and remains underground for decades in optimum condition. This unique stone wool product withstands erosion by plant and tree roots. It’s strong and hard to damage. Influx of soil is impossible so its buffering, infiltration and drainage capacity stays intact for years. Standard plastic buffers are liable to surface damage and have to be repaired or replaced.

  • Improved ecology: everything grows and blooms better with Hydrorock®.
  • A good local water balance and cleaner ‘nourishment’ of groundwater.
  • More varied and sustainable land habitats.

Developments in the consumer market

Paved surfaces in built-up areas are increasing. Combined with increasing rainfall, this results in more flooding. But problems are also occurring in rural areas with low-lying houses and gardens due to, too high or too low water levels. Soil gets too much or too little water to process and this affects plants and wildlife. Infiltrating and draining rainwater in the place where it falls limits flooding and buffering gradually supplements groundwater which prevents dehydration.

Hydrorock®, the innovative solution

Environmentally friendly infiltration and drainage
In many cases, infiltration blocks from Hydrorock® are the ecologically responsible solution. They are made of 100% natural stone wool. Hydrorock® infiltration blocks drain and buffer surface and rainwater in an environmentally friendly way. When installed horizontally, Hydrorock® blocks provide excellent drainage. Vertical installation promotes buffering and the gradual discharge of water into the surrounding soil, partly due to the filter cloth wrapping that acts as a membrane. A covering layer of 20 to 30 cm of Hydrosoil® improves the function of the infiltration blocks which are available in various sizes with buffering capacities from 34 to 340 litres. They can also bear loads up to 2,000 kg per m2 .

Environmentally friendly separation
With built-in perforated pipes, Hydrorock® blocks can be easily connected to rainwater discharges for sustainable local buffering and infiltration into the soil. This prevents flooding since excess water is effectively absorbed. As soon as the surrounding soil needs it, Hydrorock® blocks gradually releases the water. A connection to a rainwater or dry weather discharge system is unnecessary and impossible.


  • Flood prevention on paving, in gardens and around buildings.
  • Drainage and infiltration of rainwater in gardens and around houses.
  • Separation of rainwater discharges in homes, business premises and garages.
  • Line drainage in terraces and patios.
  • Prevention of soil dehydration. Trees and plants have access to groundwater for longer.
  • A more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic infiltration crates and gravel trenches.
  • No connection to a rainwater or dry weather discharge system.

Flood prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are highly suited for drainage and infiltration of excess rainwater on paving, in gardens and around buildings. They are also ideal for houses with thatched roofs.

Dehydration prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are ideal in dry areas where water is more scarce or expensive. This is particularly true when it’s important for plant growth if the soil is kept hydrated for longer in a measured way.

Seperation of rainwater discharge
Environmentally friendly separation is easy with Hydrorock® infiltration blocks with their built-in perforated pipes for connection to rainwater discharges. Additional pipework is unnecessary and groundwater is supplemented in a natural way.

Optimize with Hydrosoil®
Hydrorock® functions best with a covering layer of Hydrosoil®. This mixture of sand and stone wool fibres increases the buffering capacity and strongly improves the porousness of the upper layer. As a result, Hydrorock® infiltration blocks work even faster and for longer.

A list of Hydrorock® benefits

  • A fast and simple solution to flooding.
  • Easy and effective separation of rainwater discharges.
  • Absorption and discharge capacity of 94% of its volume.
  • No connection to the sewer system necessary.
  • Limited excavation and easy installation.
  • No slope needed for correct drainage.
  • Withstands erosion from plant and tree roots.
  • Plants and wildlife thrive with Hydrorock®.
  • 100% environmentally friendly.
  • The green alternative to plastic infiltration crates.
  • Hydrosoil® for optimum porousness.
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

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