Golf courses and water management

Drought, heatwaves, heavy rainfall and floods occur more often and have a huge impact on golf courses. There are tighter rules for water supply and drainage, like the Water Framework Directive. The basic point is: keep as much water as possible within your own area and discharge the rest only when you really have to. That’s quite a job for the approximately 3,000 golf courses in Britain, covering more than 1,500 km2.

Why use Hydrorock® on your golf course?

Hydrorock International’s mission is to make a sustainable contribution to good maintenance and use of clean rainwater in soil applications. We focus on preventing flooding and soil dehydration by offering underground, ecologically responsible solutions for buffering, infiltration, drainage and irrigation of rainwater. As a result, Hydrorock International contributes to the sustainable use of soil functions. Including on your golf course.


  • You are in control during extreme rainfall and drought.
  • Less unpredictability due to water on the course and better business performance.
  • More sustainable and cost-efficient water management.
  • Less dependence on water supply to the golf course.
  • Bunkers always have the right moisture balance with Hydrosoil®.


  • Realization of the sustainability principle ‘people, planet, profit’.
  • Improved ecology: everything grows and blooms better with Hydrorock®.
  • A good local water balance and cleaner ‘nourishment’ of groundwater.
  • More varied and sustainable land habitats on and around the course.

Issues on the golf course

A number of golf course managers already have enormous problems with water management. Quite a few courses remain wholly or partially unusable after heavy rainfall.

  • Heavy rain showers require fast drainage and processing of large amounts of rainwater.
  • During persistent drought, spraying is not always possible everywhere.
  • Spraying might be forbidden or has to be paid for separately.
  • European regulations state that as much water as possible should be stored on the golf course for later use in spraying

Hydrorock®, the innovative solution

Environmentally friendly infiltration or drainage
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks drain and buffer surface and rainwater in an environmentally friendly way. This unique natural material has an absorption capacity of 94% of its volume. When installed horizontally, Hydrorock® blocks provide excellent drainage. Vertical installation promotes buffering and the gradual discharge of water into the surrounding soil, partly due to the filter cloth wrapping that acts as a membrane. A covering layer of 20 to 30 cm of Hydrosoil® improves the function of the infiltration blocks which are available in various sizes with buffering capacities from 34 to 340 litres. The blocks can also bear loads up to 2,000 kg per m2 .

To solve these problems modifications both above and below ground are often necessary. Extra ditches and basins along with better drainage and infiltration systems can improve the natural quality and make the course more challenging to play. Hydrorock® offers you an innovative solution for underground buffering, infiltration and drainage.


Efficient rainwater buffer
Hydrorock® is new type of rainwater buffer that stores more rain and groundwater, but requires less digging. These ecologically responsible blocks have the largest lateral surface area available on the market. They absorb more water and provide more efficient infiltration and drainage.

Flood prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are highly suited for buffering, drainage and infiltration of excess rainwater on fairways, in bunkers and on greens.

Dehydration prevention
Hydrorock® infiltration blocks are ideal in dry areas of the golf course where it’s important for vegetation if the soil is kept hydrated for longer in a measured way.

Optimize with Hydrosoil®
Hydrorock® functions best with a covering layer of Hydrosoil®. This mixture of sand and stone wool fibres increases the buffering capacity and improves the porousness of the upper layer. As a result, Hydrorock® infiltration blocks work even faster and for longer. They are also ideal for maintaining the right moisture balance in bunkers.

A list of Hydrorock® benefits

  • Increased number of playable days.
  • More players improve business results.
  • Less dependence on water supply.
  • Easy installation.
  • No slope needed for correct drainage.
  • Limited excavation needed.
  • Hydrosoil® for optimum porousness.
  • Bunkers always have the right moisture balance.
  • Vegetation grows and blooms better with Hydrorock®.
  • Stone wool is a 100% recyclable material (basalt).
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.

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