Sub-soil irrigation

NOW AVAILABLE , low cost entry level sub soil irrigation blocks , easy to implement in existing watering lines. Simply replace dripping and bubblers to prevent evaporation and save up to 60% on water consumption with our sub soil irrigation blocks.

Why use the Subsoil Aquifer Irrigation system?

The advantages listed:

  • Optimises subsoil moisture and cuts water use
  • Optimises plant health and increase crop yield
  • Increases land value and reduces labour costs
  • Highly efficient and cost effective
  • Highly versatile in configuration, installation and use
  • Readily scalable
  • Harvested rainwater feeds systems
  • Hosepipe fed systems

Practical example irrigation

Here is a practical example: hydrorock blocks have been used on this date farm. You can see in the film how these are applied.

Our projects

The best way of showing the possibilities of Hydrorock is to show its results.

Singaport City Drains

Hydrorock – Subsoil Aquifer Irrigation System

Rainwater infiltration Xiamen public green area, Haicang District China

Dry feet for students at the campus of the Electric Power University in Beijing

Prevention of flooding of streets in Shanghai

Easy to install
Immediately ready-to-use
100% environment friendly
Lifelong functioning
100% Dutch

Product sheet PDF

We have listed all important benefits in one pdf document.

This can be downloaden via the button below.

For more information, feel free to contact us about the different options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions. Your question might be among them!

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What is the water absorption capacity of the infiltration blocks in terms of time?

The speed with which Hydrorock blocks blocks of water depends on how the water can reach the blocks. If water comes in direct contact with the blocks, the speed at which the blocks absorb the water is approximately 400 liters per m2 per minute. If water reaches the blocks via a porous layer of, for example, sand, then sand has a delaying effect in this case and is then also normative. The absorption capacity / permeation speed of porous sand is approximately 50/60 liters per hour, which means that 50 liters of water on an area of 1 m2 takes 1 hour to sink into this. Absorption of water via the perforated tube in type BD blocks proceeds at a speed of 100 liters per linear meter of tube per minute.

Is the Hydrorock International range also available for consumers?

Hydrorock has a special product line for private individuals under the brand name Hydroblob®. There is an extensive dealer network for this range. There is usually a point of sale in your area. View our special Hydroblob website for more information.

How many Hydrorock infiltration blocks do I need?

The number of required Hydrorock® blocks depends on the surface, the groundwater level and the soil type. Use our calculator to calculate how many blocks you need. Our calculator for disconnecting rainwater can be found here. Look here for solutions to prevent flooding

How are Hydrorock blocks connected to rainwater discharge or street drain?

The connection to the rainwater drainage is done by connecting the rain pipe to the Hydrorock blocks of type BD. This version has a perforated tube (ø 100mm) that runs through the block so that the water can run into the block. The tube can be connected to rainwater drains, street vents, pipes, drainage hoses, gutters, etc. These blocks can be mutually coupled in the longitudinal direction by means of a small piece of perforated tube. The buffer capacity can be increased by placing a type D block without tube on the side (s) of type BD. The blocks pass the water on to each other.

Where are Hydrorock products available?

Hydrorock International has professional dealers in many countries. We are happy to link you to one of these points of sale. Hydrorock International also has official dealers outside Europe. In China, for example, Hydrorock is used to collect rainwater from highways. In Australia our official dealer sells Hydrorock primarily to prevent drying out. View all our current points of sale here.

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