Surface Water Solutions for Specifiers

Landscape architects, specifiers and planners are looking for Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) that manage stormwater locally (as close its source as possible) and manage pollution risks. They also want to mimic natural drainage, and to encourage the infiltration, attenuation and passive treatment of rainwater. This will enable their SuDs designs to positively contribute to environmental enhancement and place making.

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Hydrorock natural aquifer block systems do all of the above and more.

We assist specifiers with fully sustainable, smart, decentralised natural aquifer block SuDS systems to overcome flooding issues in public spaces, residential developments and other commercial, civic and leisure applications.

Hydrorock benefits for specifiers

  • A highly innovative, 100% natural, stone wool product.
  • Extremely versatile in design and application
  • Made from Rockwool pre-wrapped in a protective geo-filtration membrane.
  • Hydrorock provides natural aquifers wherever needed to control and provide space for surface water.
  • Hydrorock absorbs 94% water capacity by cubic volume
  • Hydrorock is 100% sustainable and 100% recyclable
  • Hydrorock is a plastic-free, void-free solution
  • Hydrorock is easily configurable, easy to handle, easy to install
  • Hydrorock push fits or butts together to form modules and fully dispersable arrays for attenuation, infiltration and irrigation solutions for new and retrofit projects.
  • Hydrorock requires less excavation than traditional systems
  • Hydrorock is maintenance free and very durable


We understand that controlling water and managing flood risk sustainably in your designs is a complex process and requires continual dialogue between you,  your clients, local stakeholders, and potentially a number of other interested bodies, including:

  • Environment Agency
  • Lead Local Flood Authorities
  • Water and sewerage companies
  • Highways authorities


We at Hydrorock know how to deliver designs that provide solutions to match your designs and specifications, simultaneously meeting regulatory and sustainability requirements.

Schedule 3

With Schedule 3 of  the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 now in force, any new development must include high quality SuDS, and the automatic right to connect to public sewers for developer has been removed.

Sustainability is at the heart of SuDs, so it’s vital that the solutions employed to deliver it are themselves sustainable.

Hydrorock is uniquely positioned to deliver this sustainability as an integral part of your surface water management and flood risk plans.

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks maintain the natural water cycle, delivering effective, long lasting, Schedule 3-compliant solutions across a range off applications – from planters, to tree-pits, rain gardens to soak-aways, and permeable paving to irrigation – all fully integrated infiltration and attenuation systems with the capacity to provide solutions designs and projects with complex water management needs

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Click here to use our calculator and quickly calculate the number and volume of Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks needed for your application.


Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are available to provide 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable water management solutions.

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Hydrorock fixings and connectors
Hydrorock fixings and connectors