About Hydrorock

A natural aquifer block that delivers natural water cycle solutions

We focus on the development, production and delivery of innovative solutions in the field of rainwater and surface water management.

We offer a wide range of solutions for separating rainwater, water buffering, drainage, infiltration and irrigation by using natural stone wool as our base material.

Hydrorock® is the result of close collaboration between two companies with huge experience in the insulation and rock wool substrate sector: Rockwool and Asbipro group.

Hydrorock Infiltration

Our mission

Hydrorock International contributes sustainably to the preservation and management of clean rainwater in soil utilisation.

We focus on the prevention of flooding and dehydration in urban, cultivated and non-cultivated environments with ecologically responsible, sustainable subsoil solutions.

In this way, Hydrorock® contributes to the sustainable maintenance of soil health and functionality.

Our vision

As a result of climate change, we have either continuous flooding or water shortage in many parts of the world. This can mean damage to infrastructure, loss of life and – in drought conditions – malnutrition and starvation.

Now more than ever, water management and water security is relevant in urban areas. And for the worldwide water and food supply the fluid-holding capability of soil is of crucial importance.

Hydrorock®, with our natural aquifer block solutions, contributes by offering innovative, wide-reaching, sustainable solutions in water management.


Due to house construction and road building, it’s less easy for rainwater to penetrate the soil. This precious water disappears into the sewers, contaminating the water and causing the soil to dry out in some cases. Government and local authorities are looking for sustainable solutions that can restore the natural function of the soil: local retention, separation and infiltration of water and improvement of groundwater quality.

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks help solve these problems by absorbing and controlling rainwater on site, often without the need for connection to sewerage systems.


Drought, heatwaves, heavy rainfall and floods occur more often and have a huge impact on rural areas. Despite increasing and often abundant rain, the last 50 years have seen the groundwater level fall from several decimetres to just one metre in some places. This soil dehydration puts areas of natural beauty at risk. Agriculture is also affected by climate change and low groundwater levels. What’s more, the quality of available water is steadily decreasing.

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks store and release clean water directly to the root systems of crops, plants or trees as dictated by weather conditions. As a below-ground solution, Hydrorock is not subject to water loss through evaporation in hot, arid conditions.

Sport and leisure

There are ever tighter rules for water supply and drainage for open air sports facilities such as golf courses and training grounds. The key principle is to keep as much water as possible within your own facility and discharge the rest only when absolutely necessary. That’s quite a job for the approximately 3,000 golf courses in Britain alone, covering more than 1,500 km2, never mind the football, cricket and other pitches.

Hydrorock can be installed in new applications or be designed in retrospectively, to ensure that excess water is quickly dealt with on site and that grass is kept in premium condition despite difficult weather conditions.

Government and public

Water management in urban areas is a hot issue. Sustainable solutions are needed to prevent flooding and relieve sewer and water treatment systems. Local authorities, municipalities, water boards, drinking water companies and local administrators are working to integrate regional groundwater management and restore the soil’s natural function. This is crucial to water and food supply.

Hydrorock offers underground, ecologically responsible solutions for the buffering, infiltration and drainage of rainwater. Thanks to environmentally friendly materials, our products are ideal for sustainable water management and sustainable maintenance of soil function.