Retrofit Solutions

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks providing solutions for retrofit applications

Retrofit Solutions

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks providing solutions for retrofit applications

Smaller excavations

Less disruption and easier/faster to install

Easy work-arounds

Hydrorock deals with challenging, narrow and unusual shaped sites with ease

Faster installation

Shallower and/or smaller installations and installation in phases

Whole life reliability

Reliable and predictable in installation and in long-term efficacy once in the ground

Totally configurable

Modules can be dispersed to suit site needs

Unlocks in-ground problems

Range of block sizes and module configurability easily resolves in-ground problems

Multiple solutions

For complex retrofits needing a ranges of solutions from infiltration to attenuation to irrigation

Sustainability built in

Sustainable, 100% recyclable materials with zero routine maintenance and no in-ground plastic

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks deliver a range of solutions for retrofitting across all sectors and at all scales, from the smallest residential, to large public or commercial projects.

Hydrorock brings flexibility (of design, installation and application) to what are often complex projects with multiple needs, and residents or users already in-situ.

With Hydrorock, installation is simpler and faster. Smaller excavations mean less site disruption, fewer vehicle movements, little or no shoring and fewer people ‘in the ground’, so vastly improved on-site safety.

The ability to design using small, inter-connected modules means that unusually-shaped, narrow or otherwise difficult sites can be accommodated, again with less disruption to residents or users. Additionally, Hydrorock designs can be quickly adapted if or when unknown in-ground obstacles are discovered. This agility is very different to competing monolithic plastic crate systems, requiring disruptive large scale excavations.

Routine maintenance-free lifetime system integrity

Not only is Hydrorock, fast, flexible and safer to install, once installed, it’s extremely efficient, requires no routine maintenance, keeps water clean and on site, and maintains local nutrient neutrality.

  • Plastic crated solutions create a near void in the ground, whereas Hydrorock is a solid solution, with up to 4,000 kg per m2 loading strength.
  • Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks cannot collapse, and a geotextile membrane prevents penetration by roots and influx of soil particles.
  • This ensures maintenance free, lifetime integrity of the whole system, with operational performance that always remaining at design specification.

Design Detailing

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Click here to use our calculator and quickly calculate the number and volume of Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks needed for your application.


Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are available to provide 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable water management solutions.

D Block
D Block
BD Block
BD Block
DHD Block
DHD Block
BDHD Block
BDHD Block
BD Block
IR Block
LG Block
LG and SL Blocks
IP Range
IP Range
Filter units
Filter units
Hydrorock fixings and connectors
Hydrorock fixings and connectors


Hydrorock is pre-wrapped greatly speeding up handling. In most projects, the size of the required excavation needed and the actual volume of the blocks required is also considerably less than that required, by other alternatives, enabling simple and rapid installation.

  • Installation is very simple and quick with minimal disruption.
  • The excavation needs to be only as large as the system, as no access is required to fit the membrane.
  • No specialist installation engineering or equipment is needed, with simple snap-together fittings which require no special skills or tools.
  • Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are used in a single layer, on a 100 mm layer of sand. This increases the surface area of the bottom of the system.
  • Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are normally installed in a module three blocks wide. This allows for the system to self-vent, and if by human error the filters are compromised, the whole system can be flushed.
  • Integrated perforated pipe allows rapid inflow and storage water in each Hydrorock Aquifer Block underground.
  • The system can be placed around existing infrastructure, such as pipes and cables unlike crated sumps. This flexibility allows for optimisation of the site.
  • Placing the system on a 100mm layer of sand will permit infiltration from the module into the surrounding soil and facilitate the discharge of water from the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks.