Natural SUDS Irrigation solutions

Sustainable systems to save water and increase growth and yields

Natural SUDS Irrigation solutions

Sustainable systems to save water and increase growth and yields

Increases yields

Maximises plant growth, minimises water and fertiliser usage, minimises weed growth (and competition)

Optimises plant health

Delivers water, fertiliser and nutrient exactly when and where needed and ensures optimal soil/water balance

Extremely configurable

Purprose designed new installations optimised for crop and conditions or economical fast-installed retrofit utilising existing pipe infrastructure

Fully scalable

Solutions for all types of flora, soil and terrain, from single blocks to multiple arrays covering many hectares

Reduces costs

Minimal installation costs and up to 60% fertiliser savings, ensure system payback within a few years

Unlocks land value

Boosts crop yields on existing land, increasing value, and brings previously uncultivated land into agricultural use

Full automation

Hydrorock irrigation systems are Smart Farm compatible and can be fully automated for remote control using on site sensors

Integrated solutions

Hydrorock irrigation systems can be integrated with attenuation, ClaySolve and infiltration systems to provide flexible area-wide solutions

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are an extremely efficient and sustainable way of storing and releasing water to plants and crops as and when they need it.

Our irrigation solutions are purposed-designed to suit local ground conditions, crop and yield requirements whether new installations or retrofitted projects using existing pipework infrastructure.

Hydrorock natural aquifer block irrigation systems have been proven to deliver higher crop yields, as well as conserving water. Moreover, they can be used to bring uncultivated land into productive use.

Hydrorock can be installed in multiple configurations, according to project needs.

Design Detailing

  • Hydrorock is mainly recommended for the subsurface irrigation of orchards and other fruit bearing trees, either as a new irrigation system or as individual elements to be connected to the existing irrigation system (plug & play).
  • Hydrorock blocks are available in different sizes and volumes, to suit the type of crop, water requirement and the capacity of the existing irrigation system.
  • Hydrorock can be installed in line or in parallel to the piping network and the number of elements per tree can be calculated according to the site irrigation requirements.
  • The size and number of blocks per tree should be at least sufficient to supply the water demand of 1 day’s irrigation during the peak season.
  • It is important to note that the Hydrorock blocks are sealed, with only one lateral and the top of the block unsealed. When the blocks are placed underground, the unsealed lateral side should be placed against or near the tree roots.


The pipe can be connected in two ways:

  • Connecting the open end of a waterline to the top of the block by inserting the end of the waterline between the stone wool and the protective geotextile membrane. This is mainly recommended for D20, D40 and D45 blocks and for an ‘in parallel’ configuration.
  • Connecting the blocks through a 50 mm non-perforated pipe, by connecting these pipes to the integrated perforated drainage pipe inside the blocks. This is mainly recommended for BD112 blocks and for an ‘in line’ configuration

Full automation

Yields can be further increased through full remote automation.

Hydrorock users can monitor water dispersing and control irrigation using Smart Farm Sensing’s AgrIOT sensors, mobile apps and web portals, in real-time, anywhere, anytime.

The aim is to increase global agriculture productivity and sustain the future food chain with fully operational satellite, aerial and ground remote sensing data supply chains.

AgrIOT – a Smart Farm Sensing tool – is fully integratable with Hydrorock and can bring customised, fully scalable, predictive irrigation control to a range of crops. This enhances yield still further, saves precious water and makes giant strides towards fully sustainable agriculture systems, even in the most challenging conditions.




Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are available to provide 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable water management solutions.

D Block
D Block
BD Block
BD Block
DHD Block
DHD Block
BDHD Block
BDHD Block
BD Block
IR Block
LG Block
LG and SL Blocks
IP Range
IP Range
Filter units
Filter units
Hydrorock fixings and connectors
Hydrorock fixings and connectors


Hydrorock is pre-wrapped greatly speeding up handling. In most projects, the size of the required excavation needed and the actual volume of the blocks required is also considerably less than that required, by other alternatives, enabling simple and rapid installation.

  • Installation is very simple and quick with minimal disruption.
  • The excavation needs to be only as large as the system, as no access is required to fit the membrane.
  • No specialist installation engineering or equipment is needed, with simple snap-together fittings which require no special skills or tools.
  • Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are used in a single layer, on a 100 mm layer of sand. This increases the surface area of the bottom of the system.
  • Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are normally installed in a module three blocks wide. This allows for the system to self-vent, and if by human error the filters are compromised, the whole system can be flushed.
  • Integrated perforated pipe allows rapid inflow and storage water in each Hydrorock Aquifer Block underground.
  • The system can be placed around existing infrastructure, such as pipes and cables unlike crated sumps. This flexibility allows for optimisation of the site.
  • Placing the system on a 100mm layer of sand will permit infiltration from the module into the surrounding soil and facilitate the discharge of water from the Hydrorock Aquifer Blocks.