What is Hydrorock?

Hydrorock is a natural aquifer block.

Our blocks are made from natural stone wool, pre-wrapped in a protective geo-filtration membrane.

Hydrorock natural aquifer block solutions offer TOTAL configuration flexibility… at both the design and installation stages.

How Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks work

Vertically aligned rock fibres draw up water by capillary action.

Hydrorock blocks soak up water like a sponge – rapidly absorbing 94% of their cubic volume.

As they do so, they filter water through pre-wrapped geo membrane.

The blocks hold water like a reservoir – suspending water within the capillaries between fibres.

Hydrorock systems support the weight of the water – preventing soil compaction beneath.

They release water like a filtering watering can – water readily infiltrates the soil through both the bottom and sides of Hydrorock blocks.

Hydrorock blocks maintain the surrounding soil water balance – as soil surrounding the blocks dries, it draws water out of the blocks through capillary action.

For irrigation, blocks with horizontally orientated fibres release water laterally.

Hydrorock benefits


  • Natural materials: Made from 100% natural stone wool. Extremely durable. Fully recyclable
  • Zero plastic: No plastic in manufacture or in the ground
  • Maintenance free: No remediation, repair or replacement needed
  • Surface water kept onsite: Separates clean rainwater from sewer system


  • The perfect solution for retrofit applications: Easy to cut and shape and to work around in-ground obstacles
  • Snap-together modular system: Quick and simple to install
  • Helps prevent project over-run: Predictable, simple and reliable installation
  • Installation in all weathers: Not affected by extremes of temperature


  • Smaller system size: High porosity and efficient infiltration
  • Projects stay on time and on budget: Configurability means immediate work-arounds for on site problems
  • Costs less than other fully installed systems: Reduces excavation and minimises backfill.
  • Reduced personnel: Even largest blocks can be carried/installed by one person


  • Smaller excavations: Reduced project risk exposure
  • Minimises and simplifies groundworks: Reducing incident potential
  • Reduces on-site and off-site traffic: Fewer vehicle movements
  • Removes workers from high risk areas: No need for deep trenching or shoring up

The anatomy of a Hydrorock BD block

600mm internal pre-cored channel to facilitate water inflow and absorption.

Blocks simply push fit together using 110mm connector piece to join internal pipes between blocks.

100mm diameter, 300mm length Internal perforated pipes pre-fitted into Hydrorock BD Blocks.

Rockwool natural stone wool acting as 100% sustainable, plastic-free aquifer block.

Block identification code
BD = block type
340 = Water absorption capacity in litres



Stone Wool

Stone wool

Hydrorock Block