Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks are an extremely efficient and sustainable way of storing and releasing water to plants and crops as and when they need it.


Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks provide sustainable drainage solutions for onsite clay soil infiltration.


Planter System

Using Hydrorock Blocks in varying numbers and sizes to achieve required storage capacity.

Tree Pits

Hydrorock use in a tree pit configuration

Hydrorock tree pits control and attenuate surface water run off, minimising flood risk in urban environments.

Rain Gardens

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks offer a range of solutions for urban rain gardens.

Permeable paving

Permeable paving

The Hydrorock natural aquifer block integrated channel drain is an ideal linear solution to enhance the drainage, buffering and infiltration performance of paved areas (permeable or other paving types).



In all cases, Hydrorock swale solutions mitigate flooding caused by run off and prevent rainwater overloading the sewer system where clean water becomes contaminated.

Highway Filter Drains

Designed to remove run-off quickly and efficiently from highways or road surfaces.

Gully-fed filter drains

Gully fed filter drain

Hydrorock offers a range of natural aquifer block, gully-fed infiltration and attenuation systems for paved or tarmacked areas, for permeable or non-permeable surfaces.