Amersfoort car park

Flooding issues solved sustainably


Amersfoort, Netherlands


The Municipality of Amersfoort


Infiltration into 94% absorbent capacity system

Products used

D Blocks

Total volume

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Sustainable and effective buffering and infiltration of rainwater in car parking area previously prone to flooding.

Site issues and requirements

The Municipality of Amersfoort was experiencing a great deal inconvenience from flooding and pooling of water in a city centre parking area. During heavy rainfall, the capacity of the drainage system was insufficient and subsequently the parking area became flooded, inconveniencing users and, frequently, making the parking area unusable.

The Hydrorock solution

The installation of Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks effectively and rapidly buffers excess water, removing it from the surface and maintaining the function of the car parking area. Once water is absorbed, the infiltration blocks – which can buffer 94% of their volume of water – gradually release the water to the soil.

This system is ideal for retrofit situations such as this, as the groundwork and installation time is considerably lower than alternative solutions.

System design

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