Xiamen green area

Ecologically responsible rainwater infiltration


Xiamen city, China


Xiamen City Authority


Linear infiltration system

Products used

D Blocks with LG blocks and grates

Total volume

100 linear metres

Hydrorock natural aquifer blocks deal with plant health challenges, and enhance the ability of plant borders and trees to withstand wind and environmental influences in this subtropical coastal climate.

Site issues and requirements

Xiamen is a coastal tourist city, with strict regulations regarding the management and maintenance of green areas such as green belts alongside roads, city gardens and other green areas. Additionally, the soil type in the area is silt, with a very low penetration rate and slow drainage speed. This has resulted in local scepticism about city greenbelt, rainwater gardens and other green city  landscapes.


The Hydrorock solution

The Hydrorock pilot project covered a length of 100 metres and a width of 38 metres, providing effective infiltration, whilst maintaining plant conditioning and growth. The Hydrorock solution met the city’s strict regulatory criteria, was fast and straightforward to install and allows the green space to flourish in a sub-tropical, coastal, high wind  climate.

System design

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