Proposed water conservation and irrigation system for multi-sport complex




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Patented 3-in-1 hybrid turf system with stone wool growing layer

Products used

Hydrorock BD as perimeter drainage system, with 1000x1000x50mm Hydrorock panels

Total volume

360,000 litres

Hydrofields is a patented hybrid system that consists of three main elements – a  layer of sand/ substrate, reinforcement through artificial grass fibres and a Hydrorock growing layer. It is the Hydrorock growing layer that makes this system matchless and differentiates Hydrofields from any other hybrid system.

Site issues and requirements

The UAE has an arid desert climate with only two main seasons – winter and summer – separated by two transitional periods, respectively. The winter season (December to March) has a mean temperature ranging from 16.4°C to 24°C. The first transitional period (April to May) is distinguished by variability and rapid change in weather. Temperatures start to increase gradually over most regions during this period. The mean temperature during this season ranges from 26°C to 33.5°C. The summer season (June to September) is characterised by extremely high temperature which can be expected to climb up to 50°C, especially over the southern parts. Mean temperature during this season ranges from 32°C to 37.2°C.

Summer rainfalls tend to be lower, particularly along the coastal areas, away from the mountains. The second transitional period (October to November) has a mean temperature ranging from 24°C to 30°C.

Rainfall is sparse and inconsistent in the UAE. The country averages between 140 – 200 mm of rainfall per year, with some mountainous areas experiencing up to 350 mm/year. The UAE is also prone to occasional, violent dust storms, locally known as shamal winds.

Water retention and irrigation are critical requirements in these conditions.

The Hydrorock solution

In Hydrofields, The Hydrorock natural aquifer elements allow space for water to prevent onsite flooding and drought.

Water is retained within the capillaries of the Hydrorock elements or moved in and out through them by water pressure differential between inside the block and the surrounding soil. When the water pressure is equal between the Hydrorock and the soil, water is retained within the block. As the moisture level of the soil drops as it dries, so does the water pressure and water is released from Hydrorock into the soil.

  • With this construction no water (rain water, irrigation, etc.) will get lost in the (existing) soil as the Hydrorock elements will soak up water like a sponge and hold it
  • Water can be pumped from a well or an existing water reservoir directly into the Hydrorock elements, providing water to the roots from below
  • In this way, water is exactly where it should be for the roots providing water, oxygen and air at all times without causing any water stress for the grass roots

System design

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