Al Shareea Park and Mussaffah Park

Saving water and increasing crop yield




ICBA (Dubai) and Wageningen University & Research , Netherlands


Subsoil irrigation systems for crop growth in arid conditions

Products used

D40 IR blocks

Total volume

Area covering 100 date palm trees

Hydrorock natural aquifer block irrigation solutions used to demonstrate dramatic water savings and increased crop yields.

Site issues and requirements

Arid, desert or otherwise water-poor sites must absolutely minimise water use and wastage, whilst maximising crop yield and land usage. This is essential to water and food security and long term economic growth.

The Hydrorock solution

Innovative sub-soil irrigation systems that are easy to install, often using existing pipework infrastructure.

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi UAE and the International Center of Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai have recently completed a 2-year trial showing that Hydrorock irrigation technology saves up to 60% of fresh water, whilst increasing the health and yield of plants, trees, and vegetation.

The trail took place place at the Al Shareea park and Mussaffah Park test sites over two seasons to deliver measurable and reliable results.

  • At ICBA around 30% less water was used with Hydrorock systems compared with conventional bubblers (up to 50% reduction estimated for commercial farms)
  • The volume applied in Hydrorock is lower than calculated ETc for the trees
  • Hydrorock preserves irrigation water from soil surface transpiration, even in desert summers
  • No adverse effects of salt accumulation in soil when Hydrorock is operated with salty water (5 dS/cm)
  • There is no evidence of plant (leaves) damage

The result and final outcome of the 2 year experiment was very positive and up to 60% of fresh (potable) irrigation water was saved in a direct comparison with the commonly used existing dripping irrigation systems.

Given the outcome of the trail at Sharria Park UAE and other trails performed around the world, Hydrorock subsoil irrigation systems should now be an integral part of a revolution in the world of agriculture, food production and increased green zones with tree growth in the desert areas with little to no rain.

Smart farm sensing and Agriot

Hydrorock users can monitor water dispersing and control irrigation using Smart Farm Sensing’s AgrIOT sensors, mobile apps and web portals, in real-time, anywhere, anytime.

The aim is to increase global agriculture productivity and sustain the future food chain with fully operational satellite, aerial and ground remote sensing data supply  chains.

AgrIOT – a Smart Farm Sensing tool – is fully integratable with Hyrdorock  and can bring customised, fully scalable, predictive irrigation control to a range of crops. This enhances yield still further, saves precious water and makes giant strides towards fully sustainable agriculture systems even in the most challenging conditions.

System design

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