Monnickenburg residential development

Living on an estate in harmony with nature


Hilversum, Netherlands


The Municipality of Hiversum


Controlling rainwater on site without connection to the sewerage system

Products used

Range of BD block types

Total volume

Development of 00 apartments in 00 hectares

Beautifully designed homes, built in full balance with nature requiring that rainwater enters the soil directly (precisely where it belongs), without connection to the sewerage system.

Site issues and requirements

Ever-intensifying flooding and drought cycles cause problems both in urban and rural areas. Often, the problem lies in fast, high volume discharges of rainwater rapidly reaching the sewerage system via rainwater drains. In cases of excessive rainfall, the sewers overflow with all the associated flooding and contamination consequences.

Conversely, in times of drought, Local Authorities need to infiltrate as much precious rainwater as possible directly to the local soil. This avoids unnecessary discharges to water treatment plant or overburdening of the sewerage system and contamination of clean water, and maintains moisture content in the local soil. For new housing estates – including Monnickenburg –  in the Netherlands, the separation of rainwater from sewerage infrastructure is already mandatory.

The Hydrorock solution

Sustainability comes naturally with Hydrorock

Simple and effective disconnection is achieved with Hydrorock natural aquifer BD blocks.

BD blocks have built-in perforated tubes that link block to block, ensuring the maximum buffering capacity of the system at all times, and therefore managing rainwater drainage. The units ensure  gradual infiltration into the surrounding soil, keeping rainwater on site and as close as possible to where it falls. Millions of litres of clean rainwater will ensure stable soil and better conditions for the growth and flowering of all flora and fauna in this residential area: both above and below ground. The Municipality of Hilversum chose Hydrorock, not just for its high performance and ease of installation but also for the sustainable and ecological qualities of our products.

System design

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